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A Podcast to Appease the Gods (Our Listeners)

This is a podcast about movies about movies. It’s kind of like Inception, only with layers of meaning instead of layers of dreams. And monsters. Lots of monsters. Shaun of the Dead effectively… Continue reading


Who wants to watch a love story when you can watch a non-linear anti-love story? Amiright? This month it’s (500) Days of Summer vs. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, two movies based… Continue reading

That’s what she said: A discourse on women in film

Last month’s podcast got us thinking about why it was women who were so often the most annoying or frustrating characters on film we could think of. This made us come to the realization that… Continue reading

The Good, the Bad and the Annoying

In order not to spoil the “guess the topic” game we play in the first few minutes of the podcast, I won’t say explicitly what this month’s podcast is about, but I can… Continue reading

Diesel vs. The Beef: The Pleasure Wars

Guilty pleasure movies. Everyone’s got one, and if you don’t, you’re not doing life properly. This month on Love This Movie, Hate This Film, Zalina and I talk about our favourite guilty pleasure… Continue reading

I waited 10 years for this?

The highly anticipated “New Decade. New Rules” addition to the Scream franchise only hit theatres a few hours ago, and Colleen and I have already seen it and rushed back here to put… Continue reading

Forget about zombies – worry about your iPad growing legs and murdering you to prevent the birth of your unborn child

This month, we debate the only two Terminator movies that count and there’s a whole section (“random tangent”?) on time travel and paradoxes! I can sense your excitement. Love This Movie, Hate This… Continue reading

Horror? Or Horrible? Oh, snap!

Time for a Halloween edition of Love This Movie, Hate This Film! Colleen and I were going to compare our favourite scary movies, but then we realized that The Shining trumps all –… Continue reading

Everyone’s doing it

Hey, want to listen to two friends debate (read: argue) the merits of two movies? Yes? Then I have good news! My friend Colleen and I have started a podcast. You can download our… Continue reading