Forget about zombies – worry about your iPad growing legs and murdering you to prevent the birth of your unborn child

This month, we debate the only two Terminator movies that count and there’s a whole section (“random tangent”?) on time travel and paradoxes! I can sense your excitement. Love This Movie, Hate This… Continue reading

Horror? Or Horrible? Oh, snap!

Time for a Halloween edition of Love This Movie, Hate This Film! Colleen and I were going to compare our favourite scary movies, but then we realized that The Shining trumps all –… Continue reading

The Bourne Redundancy

What does “ultimatum” mean to you? This is just one of the complex questions Colleen and I address in this month’s action-packed edition of Love This Movie, Hate This Film. Enjoy! Love this movie, hate… Continue reading

An almost perfect podcast

For the August edition of Love this movie, hate this film, Colleen and I chose to dissect Cameron Crowe’s (arguably) best movie: Almost Famous, ’cause the line between cheese and cinematic glory is so,… Continue reading

There is no spoon, but there is a podcast!

This month, Colleen and I have decided to discuss trilogies, but despite last month’s promise, it’s not what you may be expecting… kind of like if you were suddenly pulled out of some… Continue reading

Love this movie, hate this film #2

This time around, we’ve chosen to dissect two iconic coming-of-age movies of the “one crazy day” genre: Empire Records and Dazed and Confused. We don’t argue as much this time, but we do talk about… Continue reading

Everyone’s doing it

Hey, want to listen to two friends debate (read: argue) the merits of two movies? Yes? Then I have good news! My friend Colleen and I have started a podcast. You can download our… Continue reading