That’s what she said: A discourse on women in film

Last month’s podcast got us thinking about why it was women who were so often the most annoying or frustrating characters on film we could think of. This made us come to the realization that… Continue reading

The Good, the Bad and the Annoying

In order not to spoil the “guess the topic” game we play in the first few minutes of the podcast, I won’t say explicitly what this month’s podcast is about, but I can… Continue reading

Monster…Mayhem? Sure, let’s just go with mayhem.

You know what’s worse than a heatwave? Monsters! … And genocide. But we decided to go with monsters for this month’s edition of Love This Movie, Hate This Film. You’re welcome. Love This… Continue reading

The not-so-wonderful Wonder Years: Teen movies and why we watch them

This month, Zalina, special guest Shetu Modi and I discuss the complexities of teen movies – their histories, sub-genres, tropes, and the rose-tinted glasses through which nerdy screenwriters like to portray the high-school years. Colleen… Continue reading

Diesel vs. The Beef: The Pleasure Wars

Guilty pleasure movies. Everyone’s got one, and if you don’t, you’re not doing life properly. This month on Love This Movie, Hate This Film, Zalina and I talk about our favourite guilty pleasure… Continue reading

I waited 10 years for this?

The highly anticipated “New Decade. New Rules” addition to the Scream franchise only hit theatres a few hours ago, and Colleen and I have already seen it and rushed back here to put… Continue reading

People Are Jerks: The Oscars Edition

Coke or Pepsi. A Mac or a PC. The King’s Speech or The Social Network. Make your choice. Everyone prefers one over the other. Everyone thinks one movie should have won over the… Continue reading

Prostitutes, Nazis and Little People

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! So we discussed two romantic movies, Pretty Woman and Casablanca! Pretty self-explanatory! Enjoy! Happy Love/Anti-Love Day! Love This Movie, Hate This Film #10 (37 MB) Topic: Pretty Woman vs.… Continue reading

Detroit Rock… Astronaut

If you don’t understand the title of this month’s podcast, then you need to watch I’m Not There and Detroit Rock City. And what do these two movies have in common, anyway? Music.… Continue reading

Side-boob and its rightful place in classic Christmas films

Hi, this is Bryan Wilson, the guest co-host for the month. I’m here because it would seem that I am a grinch. Wait, is anyone listening to these podcasts? You know, this is… Continue reading