On awareness and accepting the truth: there is no John Malkovich

What do Jean Claude Van Damme and John Malkovich have in common? Not a heck of a whole lot, however they do both star in movies where they play themselves and their real names are used in the title.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

The snake represents JCVD’s continued struggle with the vices of fame.

This week we’re talking about self-referential movies, and JCVD and Being John Malkovich certainly fit that definition. Despite one person being famous both for his roundhouse kicks to the face and starring in increasingly vapid action flicks, and the other being an eccentric, capital “A” Actor, the movie that is most effectively self-referential may surprise you!

Love This Movie, Hate This Film #36 (35 min.) Topic:¬†Movies where a lead actor’s name is in the title, and it’s sort of about them, but not really. Movies: JCVD (2008), Being John Malkovich (1999)