The End.

Like all good things, including but not limited to raindrops on roses, time-travelling Deloreans, and every single line in Clue, the Love This Movie, Hate This Film podcast must come to an end. That’s… Continue reading

On awareness and accepting the truth: there is no John Malkovich

What do Jean Claude Van Damme and John Malkovich have in common? Not a heck of a whole lot, however they do both star in movies where they play themselves and their real… Continue reading

Hungry? Have some Grit!

As a belated nod to International Women’s Day (March 8), this edition of the podcast is all about young, strong – heroic, even – ladies. If you can get past the awkward/misguided attempt… Continue reading

We have to go back…to Back to the Future!

“No McFly ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley!” “Yeah, well, history is gonna’ change.” It’s our inevitable Back to the Future episode, Future Boys and Girls. After we attempt to… Continue reading

The Question is Not Who But *Why* Anyone Would Watch the Watchmen

Going to the movies is kinda like falling in love: Sometimes you’re going to get your heart broken. This has definitely been the case for us with both Zack Snyder’s Watchmen and J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 (among… Continue reading

Extra Special Christmas Special!

Celebrate hard. Decks the halls hard. Die Hard. To help you while away your holiday downtime, please join us as we watch Die Hard and provide a little jolly, snarky and trivia-heavy audio commentary. So pop the movie… Continue reading

“Gotta’ Get Back to Hogwarts, Where Everything is Magicool!”

We weren’t quite ready to let go of Harry and his magical friends (never let go!), so we went back to Hogwarts for this month’s episode of Love This Movie, Hate This Film.… Continue reading

A Podcast to Appease the Gods (Our Listeners)

This is a podcast about movies about movies. It’s kind of like Inception, only with layers of meaning instead of layers of dreams. And monsters. Lots of monsters. Shaun of the Dead effectively… Continue reading

Falling for Fellini

With Frederico Fellini’s famous (and famous-scorning) La Dolce Vita and his meta 8 1/2, we focus on two films by the Italian writer-director from the early ’60s—and now we can’t stop speaking in Italian accents. Bellissima!… Continue reading


Who wants to watch a love story when you can watch a non-linear anti-love story? Amiright? This month it’s (500) Days of Summer vs. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, two movies based… Continue reading